Crochet Anchor Applique Tote Bag Pattern

June 17, 2021

For all the coastal/ nautical fans out there. This is the simplest pattern EVER! And there are so many other things you can do with the applique itself. You can make it into a broach by putting a pin the back of it, you can attach a string to the top to make it a hanging decorating, you can put it on card stock to make it into a greeting card and of course you can attach it to a tote bag which is what I am doing with this project!

Level: Beginner

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The stitches/ skills you will need to know and KEY:

  • Chain (ch)

  • Slip Stitch (sl st)

  • Single crochet (sc)

  • Half double crochet (hdc)

  • Weave ends and finish off.

Check out the full YouTube tutorial here:


Top Ring:

With a 5mm crochet, chain 6, attach to the first chain to make a ring, chain up 2

Make 12 hdc into the ring. Sl st into the first hdc. Finish off and weave ends.

Top Horizontal Bar:

Chain 11, hdc in the third chain from the hook, hdc across (9 hdc). Finish off and weave ends.

Vertical Bar:

Chain 9, hdc in the third chain from the hook, hdc across (7 hdc). Finish off and weave ends.

Bottom Curved Bar:

Chain 15, sc in the second chain from the hook, hdc in the next 5 chains, hdc the next two chains together, hdc in the next 5 chains, sc in the last chain. Finish off and weave ends.


Hot glue all the pieces to felt and then cut out. You can now place this appliqué on a bag, attach a pin to the back to make it a broach, use it has a hanging decoration/ornament!

Have fun! Any questions let me know!

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