5 Quick Mother’s Day Crochet Patterns

April 30, 2021

Mother’s Day is a week away and I have compiled my 5 favorite applique patterns to make for your mom, grandma or daughter! These are super quick and easy and can most likely be done with the scrap yarn you have around the house!

Get started this weekend!


This shadow box is the ultimate handmade Mother’s Day gift. Super quick to make and looks amazing in a shadow box, she can hang it as wall decor! You can check out the pattern HERE!


This applique is great because it is a beautiful floral arrangement but can be made personal by changing up the skin color of the hand. You can put this applique on a bag, hang as decor, or also place in a shadow box.

You can check out the pattern HERE!


I LOVE this applique. And even if it isn’t the exact style of your mom’s house you can change up the colors to make it a little more personable.

You can check out the pattern HERE!


Just like the house, this door applique can be personalized, just think about the color of your mom’s door and then add a pretty color wreath! This applique would make for a great small decoration. Just place some jute rope on the back to make it an ornament.

You can get the pattern HERE!


This one is just so pretty and customizable. CHange up the color palette. Place the flowers however you want on a cotton or just tote bag. Maybe even the back of a denim jacket?! She’ll love it!

You can get the pattern HERE!