Gift Guide for Crocheters

December 19, 2021

We all want to get the crocheters in our life a great gift! But sometimes it’s hard because besides crochet hooks what would you get!? I compiled a list of gifts that I personally have gotten as a gift or have just gotten for myself. These are awesome gifts for any crochet of any level!

Enjoy and happy holidays!

*Some items are affiliate so I will make a small commission if you purchase these items after clicking on the link* Thank you!

1) Light up crochet hooks

Of course I need to add crochet hooks to this crochet gift guide! I LOVE my light up hooks! I bought them when I was vacationing in the mountains and I loved crocheting by the campfire and when it got dark I didn’t want to stop crocheting. They work great and they are just really cool and unique. 10/10 would recommend these as a cool gift crochet any crocheter. I don’t have this set but I think it’s cool that you can switch out the hook size!

2) “If I can’t take my yarn I’m not going” tote bag

I’m obsessed with this bag. This is my go to crochet project bag. I basically always pack a project with me even if I’m just going to be out for the day (anyone else?!) This bag is stylish AND super affordable.

3) Crochet hook organizer

This one is on my list to Santa this year! I love the simple and cute design. I also love how compact it is so I can slip it into my backpack for project bag.

4) Knitting Machine

I know this is a CROCHET gift guide but I love my knitting machine and it would be great for anyone that just loves crafts and yarn. I actually have the Addi knitting machine which I will link as well. I love my Addi! I can whip up so many hats with it. The hats come out great and I can make some extra money during Christmas time! The reason I listed the Sentro is because it is way more affordable. I am not sure what happened with the Addi, maybe they’re not making them anymore but the price when through the roof! So for that reason I listed the more affordable option which does the same exact thing and has great reviews!

5) Wool and The Gang Essentials Kit

Who doesn’t look a good kit of essentials?! And it comes in a chic pouch!

6) Overhead Camera Stand

I cannot recommend this product enough!!! This is perfect for anyone that likes to take pictures and videos of their work/process. I spent so much money on poor quality mounts until I just decided to pay for a better yet pricier one. I am so happy I just did it because it is so efficient, sturdy and adjustable.

7) A modern and chic crochet pattern book by Debrosse

I have always been a fan of Debrosse and all her projects. This book would be great for any crocheter. It is filled with plenty of modern and inspiring projects!

8) Yarn Winder

The yarn winder is a GIFT! I got this for Christmas a few years ago and it is a great tool to organize all your yarn! You can quickly wind up a skein of yarn and make it into a compact “cake”. This is a great gift for anyone that has a lot of yarn!

9) Embroidery Scissors

These are the only scissors I use when crocheting. They are tiny (easy to pack and travel with) and sharp! And they are just super pretty to look at. Very classic.

I hope you love this gift guide. Since most of my readers are crocheters you can add these items to your Christmas wish list!

Happy holidays!

Colleen 🙂